Born in Andé in Ivory Coast to a Togolese father and Ghanaian mother, Ghana-based multidisciplinary artist Kwame Aidoo finds his work interrogating postcolonial West African history with regards to the transitions across three successive eras: a post-independence era of high nationalism; the military era, characterized by profound political and socio-economic instability; and a democratization era sparked since the early 1990s, with its expectancies and throes. The present vibration of the contemporary tempo of the countries, based on internal migration, cultural dynamism and modern forms of remodelling fit on the irony of the pronounced identities. Kwame Aidoo makes interactive, exploratory and experimental installations which inhale the intrepidity of African symbolism, migration, mythology, interconnectedness of inclusive community.

Kwame Write_by Zohra Opoku, Courtesy of Mariane Ibrahim Gallery