Queue to the Tap Dance II

Queue To The Tap Dance II combined many elements Рtraditional Ghanaian polyrhythms, kete dance, costume as sculpture, graffiti and call/response performance: drawing on (e)motions from tap dance, exploring the complexity of Baka women water drumming and Condomblé as social science. This was in collabration with master drummers Abraham Kobena Adzenyah, Kwabena Boateng, Royal Hartigan with Blood Drum Spirit quartet, Sulley Imoro, Tijan Dorwana and Isaac Dorwana. This installation was at Chale Wote festival in August, 2017.

Video produced and edited by Sara Pettinella, Camera assistant: Daniel Tettey Ocloo, Sound Martin: Adi-Dako, Art Hirahara

Photos: P. M. Boakye, Sara Pettinella