Distant Electricity

Distant Electricity interrogates a struggling sense of ethereal belonging. A call to explore the convocation of hegemonized bodies recounting the taste of intimate light, to rediscover currents honed from the immaterial world. A sentimental approach to refuel the fundamental feelings, tap into the forgotten rituals of electronic emotions, in the circuit of polluted poetry of power-play pathways. That which reimagines the pursuit for continuity for communities with esoteric philosophies. A look at the layers that we host; the hanging hierarchies of monopolised politics, hand-me-downs from fashion to laws to curricula, shaky spout economies and belted religions that envelope faster than we could unravel our identities from. 21st century Africa ruminates on a common connection to traditional practices which webs the dream dance of ancestral spirits, weaving the sacred touch into daily facets. Distant Electricity is a candid paradox like Joseph Nii Abekar Mensah’s statement in Traditions and Customs of Gadangme’s of Ghana; “To the African, life and religion(spirituality) are inseparable.” Rural and ‘slum’ populations in urban areas in Africa are sometimes not connected to the grid of electricity transmission, as the relationship between governments and citizens looks more like that of distant healers and patients where the energy medicine is ephemeral.

Open Studio: 28 – 30 September, 2017 at Prem Arts

Distant Electricity, Prem Arts – Berlin