Blood Drum Spirit

Kwame Aidoo has been performing with the epic US-based jazz band Blood Drum Spirit for 4 years now, the first time being The Write Experience, followed by Accradotaltradio’s Chale Wote festival featuring Hitomi Ton’oka on vibraphone, followed by Nkabom Literary festival. +233 Bar hosted our traditional set led by master drummer royal hartigan, joined by saxophonist David Bindman, pianist Art Hirahara, and bassist Wes Brown, with Tijan Dorwana-led sounds of the Lobi and Dagara peoples, with the gyil/xylophone as the main instrument, with Sulley Imoro’s Dagbamba cadence aside Bambaya dance drumming. Freely embedding elements of diverse roots and rhythms like Adzohu dance drumming of the Fon and Ewe Agbadza, Kinka songs, blended in with Atenteben and Kete, and Kpanlogo dance drumming in conversation with improvised Black American sourced jazz forms. The Sara Pettinella documentary of Blood Drum Spirit’s experience in Ghana including Kwame’s poetry won Best Documentary Feature at 2018 Jukebox International Film Festival in August.