kwame write


Bloodlines serves as a revo data stream treating a nation like an organ, a continent like body and the globe like soul. An uncut splurge of visual metaphors forged into recited poetry, ‘some singing’ and fast paced rhythmic rap in fusion with Ghana’s Ebo Taylor and Alhaji K. Frimpong’s highlife chops cooked by ProdbyYungFly and Drumnayshin(who mixed and mastered all the pieces except Woyaaya), live taps by Burkinabe genius Lasso, alternative EDM influenced tapes from Euiv’s Baltimore den and afro house plugs from South African sounds king Mo Laudi by way of Paris. The themes are one and all – based on blessing of earth, water, wind and fire. The artist rants out some social commentary concerning black world modern slavery, water pollution, illegal mining and plastic waste. Also, there’s some folk storytelling and groovy wordplay pieces in there. You can get the entire album on bandcamp.

Release Date: 1 may 2017

Kwame/Courtesy of Wanlov, for Bloodlines


Wonna Mama was made in Jamestown, which happens to have all the elements signifying a crumbling economy in the face of corrupt leadership and myopic foresight. Though, the people look happy and chatty, they might be aware of the fact that their geographical location pins them in the middle of a busily growing urban scene which thrives on the fulcrum of extreme importation of general goods and services and leaking of natural resources. Local neighborhoods here have decaying architecture sometimes graffiti-emblazoned, where Kwame and Wanlov embody the narrative signifying how we need to ‘sankofa’ to the concrete African systems and bring the ‘light’ in.

Features: Teochronic + Samoa , Dir: kwame write, Camera + Edit: Brian Ohene



Public Verses Announcement was almost absolutely produced by Drumnayshin in a small DIY audio studio in the south of Tema, a harbour city in Ghana. Adam Cadell, a violinist from Australia collaborates on a street recorded spoken word piece called Broken Pieces. Other features include Leila Adu, Ohene Amoako and Ras Bomba.



Kwame Write has represented Ghana in several poetry slam competitions around the world including 2016 Slam Prague, Czech Republic, 2016 Slam Madrid, Spain, 2016 Portugal Slam, Lisbon-Portugal, 2015 Grand Nuit d’un Slam, Ouaga, Burkina Faso, 2015 Flupp Slam, Brazil, 2014 Jeu dit Jeudi Slam, Lomé-Togo; one of the peak performances being at Poetry Slam Madrid where he came up 2nd.