Kwame Aidoo started writing at an early age and had his first stage performance at an event hosting the legendary Ghanaian poet; the late Prof. Kofi Awoonor in 2003. His entry into contemporary art was actually incited by his interest in writing and word art performances. By giving another language to the generic models, he found himself building on what the poetry performance organizations in Ghana, including Ehalakasa, were used to, almost a decade ago. He’s shared on several poetry and slam stages around the world including FLUPP, Brazil and Poetry Slam Madrid, Spain. He founded Inkfluent in 2011, and has organized some of the biggest poetry events in the country. Inkfluent is also the executive producer of the audio poetry compilation series: Vocal Portraits. He makes cadence with USA-based Blood Drum Spirit, NY/Paris Lucked In, Break Ya Bones-France, Kwasaba-Denmark and Dearly Deported-Ghana.

photo by Zohra Opoku