Ananse Makes Aurora (Original)

Ananse Makes Aurora is a contemporary account of the exploits of Ananse; the renowned trickster. In Ananse Makes Aurora, the spider in his premeditated actions to overthrow Odomankoma, otherwise known as God, is left to the  drive to produce Ewia the Sun. He almost makes it, but his hideous pathways encapsulate his dreams. In the end Aurora is formed instead of sunlight and Ananse is left an outcast from an atmosphere he had odiously conceived.

The word ‘Ananse or Anansi‘ means spider in Akan, but the character who is sometimes portrayed as a man, has been the mainstay in many a folk story, as originated from the Ashanti tribe in Ghana. The fables have been passed down from generation to generation and have been developed into folkloric extensions, riddles and transcriptions of folk music, all involving the trickster Ananse/Anansi, from other parts of Africa to the Caribbeans, and the Americas to Jamaicans of African descent.

Ananse Makes Aurora. Written by Kwame Aidoo. Photography by Toril Johannessen